Frequenty Asked Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Deregulatwhat? What is Energy Deregulation?

How do I Report a Power Outage?

Call the number corresponding to your Wires and Poles (Utility) Company – DO NOT CALL YOUR PROVIDER (REP).

ONCOR Delivery Company (DFW area)

CenterPoint (Houston Area)

AEP North Texas (WTU Service area)

AEP Central (CPL area)

Texas-New Mexico Power Company (TNMP area)

Sharyland (McAllen and Mission areas)

Sharyland (Stanton, Brady, Celeste, & Colorado City areas)

What is Energy (Electric) Deregulation, anyway?

Deregulation allows for open competition in the energy markets, and it forces those competing for your business to “raise the bar” of services and incentives offered in order to gain and retain your business. Gone are the days where we’re all forced into paying for a necessity without any power on how we’re treated in return. You now have the power to choose which retail energy provider will receive your hard earned money, and that’s awesome.

Does everyone have a choice in who provides their energy services?

Unfortunately, no. Several states have opened the doors to open competition in the energy markets serving their residents, but many have not. And to make matters even more confusing, some cities within deregulated states aren’t deregulated at all. To find out if you have the power to choose your electricity and/or natural gas provider, simply enter your zip code and we’ll show you your options.

How will this all affect the reliability and availability of my electricity service?

Know this: the providers have nothing to do with actually delivering your energy services – they just bill you for your usage. They typically buy or reserve energy in bulk and hope to turn a profit by taking on the overhead of attracting and maintaining customers. Your electricity is delivered by the still-regulated local wires company, ensuring for you the same safety and reliability regardless of which provider you choose.

What happens if my electricity goes out? What do I do?

All of the delivery is handled by the local wires company, so give them a call. Your energy provider should give you details on how to contact the wires company on the bills they send you in case you need to report an outage or want to contact them directly for any other reason.

What happens if I have a billing issue with my provider?

You just call and talk directly with your retail provider. The key thing to understand is that your retail provider handles the billing and customer support for your energy services, and the wires company handles the delivery of those services, maintains the delivery system, and handles any outages that may occur. If you have customer service or payment related issues with your bill, you’ll call the company that sends you your bill. If you have an outage, you’ll generally call your “Wire and Poles” company – also known as your Utility Company.