No Deposit Electricity. No Credit Check. Same Day Service.


For home electricity with no deposit, call 866-763-5084.

  • EVERYONE is approved instantly.

  • SAME DAY Service

  • No Credit Check

  • No ID required

  • No Deposit

  • No Contract


Need power today but can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a deposit?

Many Texans find themselves under tough times with the recent shifts in the economy.  Job loss has become a regular topic of conversation, and many people simply can’t find find affordable power without paying hundreds of dollars to the electric company as a deposit.

Fortunately there is a solution.  There are plans available now with no deposit required.  Call 866-763-5084 to get your lights turned on today.


Just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean you need to overpay for your power.

Many Texans have less-than-perfect credit scores because of tough times our economy is facing.  Some energy companies make you pay higher rates because of your credit score or make you pay a large deposit.

Don’t let fear of a deposit stop you from finding a better electric rate.   Call 866-763-5084 to get a low cost electric rate even if you have poor credit history.