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Enter your zip code to get started:

Whether new to Texas, a long-time resident, or a business owner, this guide provides useful information on Breeze Energy and allows you to compare rates from other Texas energy companies so that you can find your best solution to power your home or business.

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  1. Breeze Energy electric choice in Texas
  2. Compare Breeze Energy rates with competing Texas energy plans
  3. How to choose the best energy plan in Texas (know your usage!)
  4. Breeze Energy residential energy plans
  5. Breeze Energy commercial energy plans
  6. Breeze Energy customer service & bill payment
  7. Breeze Energy reviews
  8. Texas energy companies
  9. Electricity rates by popular cities in Texas
  10. Shop electricity rates by Texas zip codes
  11. Electricity rates by utility service areas in Texas


Breeze Energy electric choice in Texas

Following the deregulation of the state’s energy market, customers gained the power to choose the best electricity plans for their budgets. Companies are now seeking your business and offering affordable rates. You should review your options and determine plans that meet your needs before selecting a Breeze Energy plan.

ComparePower works to do just that as a no-cost service that has been helping clients since 2009. You are now able to place plans next to each other without having to worry about hidden fees or gimmicks not disclosed by retail providers. ComparePower helps you find the best plan through an easy-to-use comparison tool.

While you would normally spend hours filling in spreadsheets and keeping track of calculations, ComparePower does the hard work for you. All you have to do is follow their lead and you will find the best rates for your household today.


Compare Breeze Energy rates with competing Texas energy plans

Breeze Energy is a Dallas-based retail energy company that offers plans exclusively powered by wind turbines. The company was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2012 with previous experience navigating the green energy space. Breeze Energy draws all of its wind energy from turbines based in Texas and serves all customers in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas area.

Breeze Energy has some great rates in Texas, but before you sign up you should shop rates from other providers to ensure you are getting the best rate possible.  The rates presented here are updated live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Plan NamePlan LengthRate
Frontier Utilities - Easy Bill 1212 months$0.085 / kWh
Frontier Utilities - Frontier No Hidden Fee 1212 months$0.099 / kWh
Frontier Utilities - Beat the Heat 12+12 months$0.104 / kWh
Frontier Utilities - Fantastic 24 Green+24 months$0.103 / kWh
Frontier Utilities - Preferred 12+12 months$0.107 / kWh
Frontier Utilities - Platinum 24+24 months$0.108 / kWh
Payless Power - SmarTricity Secure Saver 1212 months$0.126 / kWh
Payless Power - SmarTricity Flex Saver1 months$0.126 / kWh
TXU Energy - Flex Forward1 months$0.122 / kWh
Reliant - Clear Flex1 months$0.131 / kWh
Green Mountain - Pollution Free e-Plus Preferred1 months$0.141 / kWh
Reliant - Truly Free Nights 2424 months$0.127 / kWh
Reliant - Truly Free Weekends 2424 months$0.127 / kWh
Reliant - Pay As You Go1 months$0.129 / kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Saver Freedom 1212 months$0.109 / kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Saver Freedom 3636 months$0.105 / kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Saver Premium 1212 months$0.130 / kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Saver Premium 2424 months$0.125 / kWh
First Choice Power - Monthly Freedom Plan1 months$0.129 / kWh
Direct Energy - Bright Choice1 months$0.129 / kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Saver Supreme 3636 months$0.068 / kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Saver Value 1212 months$0.107 / kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Saver Select 1212 months$0.080 / kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Saver Select 2424 months$0.080 / kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Saver 1212 months$0.076 / kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Saver 3636 months$0.075 / kWh
Constellation - 12 Month Fixed12 months$0.095 / kWh
Cirro Energy - Smart Lock 24 Online24 months$0.120 / kWh
Cirro Energy - Smart Value 12 Online12 months$0.085 / kWh
Cirro Energy - Smart Lock 1515 months$0.119 / kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Saver Supreme 1212 months$0.069 / kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Saver Supreme 2424 months$0.065 / kWh
Reliant - Secure Advantage 1212 months$0.121 / kWh
Reliant - Secure Advantage 2424 months$0.117 / kWh
Green Mountain - Pollution Free e-Plus 24 Preferred24 months$0.128 / kWh
Green Mountain - Pollution Free e-Plus 36 Preferred36 months$0.125 / kWh
Constellation - 30 Month Fixed with Constellation Connect30 months$0.087 / kWh
Constellation - 12 Month Fixed - Bill Credit!12 months$0.079 / kWh
TXU Energy - Clear Deal 2424 months$0.109 / kWh
TXU Energy - Free Nights & Solar Days 12 (8pm)12 months$0.145 / kWh
TXU Energy - Free Pass 1212 months$0.139 / kWh
TXU Energy - Saver's Discount 1212 months$0.140 / kWh
TXU Energy - Saver's Discount 2424 months$0.152 / kWh
TXU Energy - Simple Rate 1212 months$0.126 / kWh
4Change Energy - Easy Saver 1212 months$0.069 / kWh
4Change Energy - Eco Saver Plus 1212 months$0.123 / kWh
4Change Energy - Generous Saver Plus 1212 months$0.119 / kWh
4Change Energy - Maxx Saver 1212 months$0.065 / kWh
4Change Energy - Value Saver 1212 months$0.075 / kWh
TXU Energy - Clear Deal 1212 months$0.099 / kWh
First Choice Power - You Got This 2424 months$0.107 / kWh
First Choice Power - You Got This Free Weekends 2424 months$0.119 / kWh
Direct Energy - Live Brighter 1212 months$0.109 / kWh
Direct Energy - Power on Command 2424 months$0.110 / kWh
Direct Energy - Free Power Weekends 1212 months$0.122 / kWh
Direct Energy - Weekends on Command 2424 months$0.117 / kWh
Frontier Utilities - Straight Power 2424 months$0.165 / kWh
Frontier Utilities - Light Saver 1212 months$0.106 / kWh
Frontier Utilities - Preferred 24+24 months$0.107 / kWh
Frontier Utilities - Straight Power 1212 months$0.145 / kWh
First Choice Power - Select Choice 66 months$0.122 / kWh
First Choice Power - You Got This 1212 months$0.108 / kWh

These live rates for Oncor Electric Delivery service area were updated on . Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.

Instantly compare competing Texas electricity plans and rates:


How to choose the best electricity plan in Texas

Selecting a Breeze Energy plan without knowing your home’s energy usage can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The #1 most important thing: Know your usage!

The key to avoid overpaying is knowing your expected usage and comparing monthly costs for each plan based on that usage amount.

With things like gasoline, the “price per gallon” you see on the sign is the price you pay no matter how many gallons you pump.

$3 per gallon. Pump 10 gallons, pay $30. Simple.

Electricity in Texas is not as simple as buying gasoline. The advertised “price per kWh” is based on a specific, exact monthly usage (usually 2000 kWh).

And, each plan has a different calculation for how your monthly bill is determined.

Your effective “price per kWh” can only be determined by calculating your monthly bill, then dividing that monthly bill by your usage.

Advertised “price per kWh” can be misleading because it’s based on a specific usage like 2000 kWh. It’s best to shop based on the total bill for your home’s expected usage.

How do you do that when the math is complicated, and every plan is a little different?

ComparePower has already done all this complicated math for you.

First, we help you determine your expected monthly kWh usage. Then we show you the plans and their total monthly cost for your usage.

Enter your zip code for guidance choosing your best rate plan:


Breeze Energy residential plans

Residential customers of Breeze Energy have multiple contract options available when selecting their electricity plans. The month-to-month and Pay As You Go plans feature no cancellation fee, variable rates, and low monthly rates. These plans are advantageous for renters and corporate housing residents who may need to cancel plans on short notice.

Breeze Energy also offers 12, 18, and 24-month plans for residents interested in fixed terms. Each of these plans requires paperless billing and features a cancellation fee ranging from $200 to $300 for early cancellation. These plans are ideal for long-term residents who want fixed rates throughout the duration of their contracts.

Switching providers? Energy rates on ComparePower can be customized to your specific historical power usage.

Moving? ComparePower helps you estimate your new home’s energy usage, ensuring you choose the best plan for your household.

Lock in the best rate by comparing competing energy plans on ComparePower. Enter your zip code to start comparing energy company plans for your specific usage in your service area.


Breeze Energy commercial plans

Breeze Energy works with businesses to power their facilities using wind power. The company offers three options for commercial energy accounts. A fixed-rate plan works well for a business that needs consistency in their monthly billing.

The variable-rate plan allows a commercial client to take advantage of low prices or offset high prices by reducing consumption. A month-to-month plan from Breeze Energy allows a business owner to change plans or cancel without paying cancellation fees.

To find the best commercial electricity rates, you need to compare prices from competing energy companies. ComparePower bridges the gap between your business and energy companies by inviting various energy providers to compete for your business in a sealed bid process.

You submit your information once and the providers will present their bids.  You to choose the cheapest price.  Simple, quick, and easy.

Click here to get competing quotes for your business electricity.


Breeze Energy customer service & bill payment 

Customers of Breeze Energy are directed to the company’s customer service line at 855-391-9463 for service and billing questions. The company also features an online contact form and customer service email for less urgent questions. Breeze Energy also maintains Facebook and Twitter accounts ideal for more casual questions or conversations with the customer support team.

Breeze Energy’s support team is available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Central from Monday through Friday and 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Central on Saturday. The company does not handle utility service questions and points customers to their local utility provider to resolve transmission issues.


Breeze Energy reviews

Looking for ratings and reviews for Breeze Energy?

Several companies rate electricity providers. ComparePower does not include customer reviews as they are generally biased or easy to manipulate and skew one way or the other (positive or negative).

Often, a review is requested a mere few days after enrolling in a new energy plan, which may not be an adequate amount of time for a customer to experience the product or service.

Many customers who take the time to leave feedback typically do so as an effort to resolve a problem and are using negative feedback as a forum to draw attention to their issue.

Customers who leave positive reviews are generally incentivized to do so and therefore tend to be biased.

So what are we left with?  There are a few long-standing customer review portals that attempt to remove bias. One of these is the Better Business Bureau and the other is the Public Utility Commision of Texas.


Texas energy companies

Are you trying to find an excellent electricity company in Texas?

Instantly enroll for service with great electricity providers such as TXU Energy, Reliant, Direct Energy, Green Mountain and more.

Click on the provider of your choice to view rates, learn more, or sign up.

Energy CompaniesPhone Number
4Change Energy855-550-6663
Direct Energy855-307-6915
First Choice Power888-458-6877
Green Mountain844-854-2257
Frontier Utilities866-763-5084
Cirro Energy844-417-7179
Gexa Energy855-639-8210
TXU Energy866-603-1533
Payless Power855-854-8490
Pulse Power888-853-4439


Electricity rates by popular cities in Texas

Looking for a low electricity rate in your city? Find your city below and click to sign up for a low-cost electricity plan.

Don’t see your city on the list? Use the zip code finder to search for your new low rate in your city.


Shop electricity rates by Texas zip codes

Search low electricity rates by zip code. Click on your zip code below to find competitive rates in your area.

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Electricity rates by utility service areas in Texas

Search low electricity rates by service area and local utility company. Click on your Texas Distribution Utility (TDU) below to compare electricity rates in your service area.


Instantly compare competing Texas electricity companies head to head: