Instantly compare energy plans.

If you’re already in a contract, we can help you.


Are you switching providers?

By Texas law, you can switch out of your contract up to 14 days early of your contract end date without penalty. And, many plans on ComparePower will let you set a start date up to 90 days in the future.

Review your contract details or call your energy provider to find out what fees you’d be subject to for switching early.  Sometimes the savings you can find on ComparePower can more than outweigh those fees.

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to renew or sign another contract with your current provider without first shopping on ComparePower. You can usually get a much better deal if you switch because we have rates that are for new customers only.

Fill out the form below if you want an email reminder for when your contract is about to expire.


Are you moving soon?

If you are moving, you can terminate your contract without any penalty as well. You do NOT have to transfer your current rate plan to your new home.

Energy companies will try to get you to transfer your service instead of canceling, but they cannot force you to do so.

So, shop your options when you move before simply transferring service. Moving is a perfect opportunity to get out of a bad electricity rate plan!


Should you cancel your current electricity contract early?

It may be worthwhile to cancel your current contract, pay the cancellation fees, and enroll in a plan where the savings make up for the cost to terminate your contract. Contact us here if you need help.


Want us to remind you of when your contract ends, so you can find a better deal?

Use the form below and we will notify you of the best rates when your contract is coming to an end.

When you use ComparePower, we’ll keep all these important documents in your ComparePower account, where you can instantly access these details.

Be careful not to renew or sign another contract with your current provider without first checking ComparePower to shop across numerous providers.  You will likely find a better deal by switching companies than by renewing with your current company.

Mailchimp in contract


If you have any questions…

…or if you want help determining if canceling and paying the cancellation fee could actually save you money over the long run, contact us here.