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Texas PUC

Texas Public Utility Commission: Submitting Protests or Complaints

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When something goes wrong, you deserve to have the issues resolved immediately. While your first step should be to contact your current electric provider, they are not always able, or willing, to help. The PUC of Texas will take action on the complaints that you file with them, although this should be your last resort option.

After first filing an informal complaint, the Public Utility Commissioners will have your case investigated. Their goal is to determine whether the provider is guilty of wrongdoing. Their evidence will be shown to the company, in hopes they will make it right. If they do not, your next step is a formal complaint.

Although this may be necessary if you have been outrageously cheated or wronged, it may not be worth your time and money to file a formal complaint. The proceedings are much like a court case, and it is advisable that you consult an attorney before moving forward. Sometimes, the best option is to simply cut your ties with the company.

The energy market in Texas is deregulated, and you can choose your provider. Why go through the trouble of a formal complaint process, when it takes minutes to switch to another utility company online? ComparePower finds the lowest rates available in your area to ensure that you can choose the provider that best fits your needs.

The PUC of Texas protects your power to choose and hopes that you will exercise that right. There is less work and headaches, both for them and you, if you switch providers when a company proves inadequate. Fight the smart way and take your business elsewhere.

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Texas Public Utility Commission: Defending Consumer Energy Rights

Since 1975, the Public Utility Commission of Texas has been responsible for implementing rules and guidelines that protect consumers. They regulate electric utilities and the companies that provide them, by finding solutions to customer complaints and investigating pricing and service practices in the energy industry.

At the center of the Public Utility Commission’s mission, is providing the power to choose to residents of Texas. That is the best way to ensure prices are low and that you get the best service and rates available in your area. The Public Utility Commissioners understand the importance of their role and how their rules can help consumers like you.


What’s the Job of the Public Utility Commission of Texas?

The original role of the Public Utility Commission, or PUC of Texas, was to ensure that the utility monopoly in Texas didn’t get out of hand. Energy companies had free reign over a particular area and consumers couldn’t get energy from anyone else. PUC Substantive rules were created to ensure that the energy industry was unable to gouge consumers with high prices.

Eventually, lawmakers saw that there were still issues, despite the work of the commission. So in 2002, the Texas Government passed a deregulation law. Suddenly, competition among providers was keeping prices low and giving consumers the power to choose. So the PUC adapted and began to oversee the implementation of the law and resolve initial issues.

To this day, the PUC of Texas fields complaints from customers and works to protect the people. Whenever an energy company steps out of line, they are there to impose regulations or sanctions and ensure that big businesses can’t take advantage of Texans across the state.


The Authority of the Texas PUC

There are some limitations placed on Public Utility Commission of Texas, and they are unable to operate across the whole state. The main threat is from utility companies that are investor-owned and operate in deregulated areas. The PUC can create rules and sanctions that help control these companies but have no authority over utilities provided by cities and co-ops. They can only suggest that these organizations follow PUC guidelines.

If you live in one of these areas, your prices are determined by the company’s board or the city council members. The Public Utility Commission is not given power over them, and you are not protected in quite the same way. It is essential that you elect board members and city council members that are aware of PUC rules and govern themselves in a way that cares for consumers.

To file an electric complaint form go to the official Public Utility Commission of Texas website. 

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