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Unfortunately, no. Several states have opened the doors to open competition in the energy markets serving their residents, but many have not. And to make matters even more confusing, some cities within deregulated states aren’t deregulated at all. To find out if you have the power to choose your electricity and/or natural gas provider, simply enter your zip code and we’ll show you your options.

Energy Deregulation allows for open competition in the energy markets, and it forces those competing for your business to “raise the bar” of services and incentives offered in order to gain and retain your business. Gone are the days where we’re all forced into paying for a necessity without any power on how we’re treated in return. You now have the power to choose which retail energy provider will receive your hard earned money, and that’s awesome.

ComparePower is a free consumer service. Energy companies we show or review pay us a fee when we help them enroll customers, but you’ll never pay anything, and the pricing you see on our site is the same as you can get from the providers directly.

Fixed pricing allows you to lock in the rate you pay for electricity with a contract for a given time period, usually 3–60 months (depending on your selection). Variable pricing, also known as month-to-month pricing, may fluctuate with the energy markets. There is no contract in a variable plan. Your pricing could go up, stay the same, or even go lower, all of which is out of your control and is determined by the energy company offering the variable plan.

Renewable content is the percentage of your electricity that is generated from renewable resources, such as wind, solar, or hydro electric dams. It’s your option, and if it’s important to you that you lower your carbon footprint, be sure that your filter those plans that help you accomplish that goal.

Yep – we’d love to help you out. See how to contact us here.

ComparePower is unlike any other energy comparison experience ever created. Built in Texas, by Texans, for Texans. We have made every attempt to give you an unmatched shopping experience where available plans are filtered and sorted only by those options that you choose and control. If you find there are too many plans to choose from, use the filters on the left of the plans page to narrow your search and target in on those plans that meet your needs, or contact us using the chat feature.

This one is easy – just select your sorting preference in the drop down menu and watch the magic happen.

This is perhaps the most important consideration in comparing your power company choices. Many providers charge fees in addition to usage charges. Sometimes referred to as Base Charges or Minimum Usage Charges, these can greatly affect the pricing you see on your bill, particularly if you use less than 1000kwh per month. Check your recent bills and use ComparePower to compare plan pricing that matches your usage. The best way to see the real price you pay currently? Take the total Dollar Amount due, and divide it by the total KWH usage you had that month. This will give you the same pricing we list here at ComparePower… the all-in, true-cost pricing that you’ll actually see when the bill is due.

Before ComparePower, all of us had to spend a lot of time searching calling and clicking around, reading through lots of Energy Facts Labels, if we wanted to see the true-cost pricing for our usage level. We’ve solved that issue for you by ensuring all providers displayed accurately represent their pricing at 500,1000, and 2000kwh usage levels. It’s our way of putting all the providers on a level playing field, where they compete on things that matter most, like pricing, term lengths, and renewable content. No hidden fees allowed at ComparePower.

To report a power outage in the Oncor region (Dallas – Fort Worth Area), call ONCOR Delivery Company (DFW area), call 1-888-313-4747.