FAQ Category: How this works: Choosing and Switching

Never. Usually you will be given notice if such an event occurs that allows you time to come back to comparepower.com and find a new provider. Even if your provider shuts their doors suddenly and without notice you will not be without power. You’ll be switched to a different provider automatically, known as Provider of Last Resort (POLR), and will have the chance to come back to our site and choose an alternate provider.

When you use ComparePower to signup or switch to a new provider, your new provider is going to handle all of that for you. You’ll never have to contact your old provider. It’s very easy and painless.

It will take you less than 10 minutes to compare providers and “make the savings switch” at ComparePower. The physical switch from one electric provider to another, after you signup, generally occurs within 1-7 days. Your next bill coming from your new provider. Rest assured, there will be no interruption to your service during the transition. If you are signing up for new electric service, the date of service start will be setup during your enrollment.

In Texas, you have 3 days to change your mind before the switching process is initiated. So rest easy – if you feel you’ve made a mistake, just contact your new provider, tell them you’d like to cancel, and come back to ComparePower to find a provider or plan that suits you better.

If you are setting service for the first time (you’re moving in), this “right of rescission” may vary. Check with your provider before signing up to be sure.

In general, if you’ve moved out and are no longer residing at the service address under contract, you will not be subject to any cancellation fees. The cancellation fee is typically assessed only when changing providers prior to the end of your fixed term. As always, check with your particular retail provider to be sure, btu there are laws to protect you from this and you should not be subject to a cancellation fee if you legitimately move from your home and can provide a forwarding address.

Some providers charge startup or setup fees associated with reading your meter, so be sure to check the facts label carefully anytime you are switching or signing up with a new provider.

Be aware of cancellation fees though – if you sign up for a contract (fixed term length), you may be subject to a cancellation fee if you change your provider before the end date of your contract. There is typically a grace period in which you can switch near the end of your term, so check the facts label and terms of service of your current provider to be sure.